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Blind tourists to Colombia can now experience salsa, paragliding

September 21, 2017

Salsa and paragliding are just some of the exotic dances and extreme sports that are being offered to blind tourists in Colombia.

Nearly 70 blind or vision impaired visitors from Latin America and Europe came to capital Bogota last week in one of its first blind tourism expeditions.

They tried salsa dancing, clay modeling, rock climbing and even paragliding. The initiative was started by technology specialist Pablo Lecuona in his country Argentina.

He started off by launching an online library for blind users and has expanded his activities to organizing adventure holidays in Argentina, Mexico and now in Colombia.

He found that many blind people wanted to experience adventurous holidays but were not able to as hotels are not prepared and get scared when they see a person with a visual disability.

Volunteers and emergency services workers act as guides.

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