Disabled kids in Brazil hospitals are getting special treatment from a mermaid!

Children with disabilities who are undergoing treatment at hospitals in Brazil are getting an emotional lift from a mermaid. In this case, the mermaid is real.

Sereia Carol earns her living by playing a mermaid and teaching mermaiding since 2012. She used to work as a veterinarian for 10 years. She is paid for performing at events such as children’s parties but donates her time at hospitals.

She sits in a wheelchair so that kids on wheelchairs can relate to her. Sereia Carol says volunteering at hospitals is among her most rewarding experiences. Dressed in costume with a long, shiny green tail, she chats with young patients.

Sereia Carol is hired by aquariums in summertime, but much of her work is at classes and parties. Carol says she has been fond of mermaids since childhood, when she practiced swimming with her legs joined.

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