How to help deaf employees overcome common problems at workplace

Many developments in technology along with important disability laws are helping the society to include deaf people in the workforce.

However, there are still difficulties for deaf people to fully participate in the workplace activities and also when employers are not aware of the problems they face.

Here are some tips for the recruiters, deaf employees and their future co-workers on overcoming the common problems.

If you are a deaf individual and looking a job, make sure to create a professional resume or bio-data that highlights your skills and what you are good at.

If you are a recruiter, make sure to read up on case stories from the different companies that have successfully put deaf people to work.

Recruiters must make sure to have a sign language interpreter and provide deaf applicants the required information about the company and job to read in advance. Also, captions or subtitles should be used if the company information is in the form of films or videos so that they are accessible for the deaf applicants or employees.

If you are a hearing employee in the organisation who will be working with a new deaf co-worker, make sure to include a deaf person in the office conversations with the help of visual cues, basic sign language or gestures and writing. Be nice and kind if a deaf co-worker doesn’t understand what you are trying to say and asks you to repeat something.

Also, it is the responsibility of deaf individuals or employees to help their hearing co-workers understand their needs by simply being open and honest.

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