7-year-old disabled child dies after mother flings her from the building twice

In a terrible incident reported from Bengaluru, a seven-year-old child, Aisika Sarkar, died after she was flung twice from the terrace of her building by her mother Swathi.

According to eyewitnesses, Aisika was alive when her mother threw her from the terrace of their building. Swathi then picked her up, went back to the terrace and flung her down once more from the four-storey building.

Neighbours who heard the noise rushed out to see a girl falling down to her death. The child was screaming in pain and the mother's nightie had some blood on it. They saw the mother pick up Aishika and go up the terrace again.

Swathi's neighbours say that she seemed mentally unstable. They tied her to the pole and informed the police about the incident. They said that she had been acting strangely ever since she separated from her husband a few months ago.

Aishika had only started speaking recently and was a slow learner. She also had speech development problems. The father, who was separated from the wife, said that the mother used to get angry and lose control of herself. He also said that their daughter was the victim of her anger.

A murder case has been filed against the mother Swathi, who used to work as a teacher.

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