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This Telangana college student is making history with unique inventions

October 1, 2017

Srinivas, a young college graduate in Telangana is getting a lot of attention for his useful and low cost inventions.

Whether it is a device that allows one to switch on lights and fans just by snapping fingers or clapping, a hearing aid for the deaf or a jacket for women that gives electric shock to molesters, Srinivas' inventions are awe-inspiriting and purposeful.

The life jacket he has invented is designed to give electric shock to anyone who dares touch the wearer. It is, however, wearer-friendly.

There are many hearing aids available in the market for the deaf, but even those who are deaf from birth or have no eardrum can hear with the help of his gadget that works through the teeth. His invention converts sound waves into vibrations that reach the brain through the teeth.

He also has an invention that can control household electric and electronic devices with the help of a cell phone. They can be operated and switched off by pressing the relevant number key on the mobile keypad. The mobile can be operated from any place.

Srinivas lives in a small two-room house, along with his mother and wife. He repairs mobile phones at his home to support his family.

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