Jharkhand garment manufacturer to reserve 90% jobs for disabled in new factory

SFK Manufacturers, a clothes manufacuring unit in Ranchi, is owned by businesssman Aftab Alam, who is physically disabled. Alam was granted 10,000 sq ft land from the Jharkhand government after the Global Investors' Summit in Ranchi this year and plans to reserve more than 90% of jobs for the disabled in his new unit in Lohardaga.

Alam, who runs a unit that makes sportswear and casualwear, wants to open up the scope of jobs for people with disabilities.

Central rules state at least 5% jobs must be reserved for the disabled, but most companies do not follow that. Alam was left disabled after he got polio as a child but he said that he never let it affect him.

In the first phase, out of the 150 people who will be employed, 145 will be disabled. Jobs will be given on the basis of talent and qualification. They will also be trained professionally depending on their interests.

Appointment letters will be given officially in December and the Lohardaga unit will begin operations in January 2018. The unit will aim to make 3,000 readymade garments a day.

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