Thanks to cornea transplant, this 14-year-old in Pune gains vision in one eye

14-year-old Shamal Chambre, who was blind from birth, has gained sight in one of her eyes.

This is after a successful cornea transplant surgery at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune.

A Class IX student at the Blind Girls’ Training School in Kothrud, Shamal had been told by many doctors that her vision loss was permanent.

She did not let that stop her and went on to excel in academics and extra-curriculars, guided by hearing and touch.

Since the operation two months ago, her life has changed. She says she now knows what her father looks like and she wants to make a painting of him as a gift.

She says that she finds everything even more beautiful than before and is now able to do physical activities even better.

Shamal's father, who is a fisherman, is also blind. He managed to earn a livelihood with the help of his wife, but he always wanted his daughter to have the chance to see.

Her school plans to get the cornea transplant done in the other eye too.

All visually impaired people cannot get sight after a corneal transplant. Only those who have lost vision due to corneal opacity can. Conditions like AIDS, jaundice, burns and hepatitis can also affect the success.

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