Getting the disabled to drive : Bengaluru engineer's mission!

Anand Kutre, a 41-year-old businessman from Bengaluru, is on a mission to make cars accessible for persons with disabilities.

He has designed and built a mechanism that can be easily installed under a car’s driving seat, making it disabled-friendly.

Anand moved back to India from the United States to work on his mission. His company, True Consultancy, is focused on innovation in India using technology.

He says that he did not start the company for the disabled alone but to create an impact in society. He came up with his design Turn Plus, which makes car travel easy for a disabled person, using an easily installable swivel seat mechanism.

There is no change made in the car’s structure or core functioning, except that it becomes disabled-friendly.

The mechanism has been tested many times and is available at a low cost of Rs 25,000–30,000. It's of help to not just the disabled but also for those suffering from back pain, knee pain, and arthritis.

He has sold a few units to car companies like Toyota, Renault, and General Motors. Anand is also in talks with cab companies like Uber and Meru.

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