Domestic violence case filed against TV actor Sanjeeda Shaikh

Television actor Sanjeeda Sheikh, who is popular for her roles in shows like Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Ka, Kayamath and Ishq Ka Rang Safed, is fighting a legal case.

Shaikh's sister-in-law Zakerabanu Zakir Hussain Bagban has filed a domestic violence case against Sanjeeda and her family. Zakerabanu alleged that she was beaten up by the actress' family while she was on talking to her father over the phone.

Zakerabanu later filed an FIR against Sanjeeda Sheikh and her family.

Sanjeeda Sheikh's family has now reportedly filed a petition against the FIR with the Ahmedabad High Court. They allege that Zakerabanu had a disturbed relationship with her father, who has an orthodox attitude and hence found it difficult to adjust to the liberal environment at her husband's home.

Sanjeeda has also said that on the day of the incident she was not home and Zakerabanu was at her parents' home.

Sanjeeda Sheikh is married to actor Aamir Ali, who featured in a small role in 2010 movie I Hate Luv Storys.

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