Learning Disability is not mental retardation

Learning Disability-LD is not given enough importance and place in India.

In fact, Learning Disability was added for the first time to the list of disabilities covered by the Central Government’s Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act in 2016.

Learning disability can exist in various forms and affect use of skills related to reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia) or arithmetic (dyscalculia).

People with Learning disabilities have normal intelligence and cannot be considered as mentally retarded. However, it has been found that in most cases, parents and teachers wrongly associate learning disability with mental retardation.

As per experts, learning disabilities can be improved with proper therapy and remedial teaching methods.

It is vital that awareness about learning disability is present in school teachers so that they can identify and help out students with LD.

Parents should also be a part of this and they should not put academic pressure on their children.

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