App in US city connects police and people with special needs

A new smartphone application will help police officers in the city of St. Paul in Minneapolis help serve the needs of people with disabilities better.

The app is called Vitals and St Paul is the first city in the United States to launch it. Vitals is designed to supply police officers with information about a person’s diagnosis, medications and caregiver contact information. It also suggests ways to calm the person.

The information is very important not just for officers but also paramedics, who often respond first to any emergency situation.

To use the app, a person or their caregiver must sign up online and supply relevant information. Officers receive an alert when they are near someone who has a profile in the application.

The app is aimed at people who have invisible disabilities and cannot always communicate effectively in difficult situations.

This includes people with autism spectrum disorder, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder, other mental health issues, diabetes and seizure disorders. They are likely to wander off, have a public breakdown or do things that appear unusual.

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