Signs of ADHD linked to disturbed sleep habits

The main signs of ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - are struggling to concentrate, having too much energy and being unable to control behaviour. These signs have been linked to disturbed patterns of sleep, according to a new study.

Disturbed sleep is also linked to many other health problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Signs of ADHD, which also include mood swings and impulsive behaviour, are generally noticed at a fairly early age, often when a child is being sent to school for the first time. The condition is very often inherited and usually has a pronounced neurological background.

About 80% of cases are also associated with regular sleep disturbances. This leads to a disturbance in the levels of certain chemicals in the brain that control when we fall asleep and wake up.

Some experts also say that such behaviour is found in kids whose parents do not show a strong hand while parenting.