Hrithik's ex-wife comes to his defence after Kangana attacks him

Former wife of actor Hrithik Roshan, Susanne Khan has supported him after an ugly fight has once again broken out between him and his alleged former girlfriend Kangana Ranaut.

Posting a cute picture with Hrithik, Susanne called him a good soul.

Kangana has alleged that Hrithik was in a relationship with her while he was still married to Susanne. But Hrithik says that he only knew her in a professional capacity.

In two of her recent interviews, Kangana has attacked both Hrithik and his father, Rakesh Roshan. She has even said that she feared for her life.

Kangana and Hrithik were engaged in a public fight when she called him a ‘silly ex’ in an interview almost a year ago. Hrithik responded very nastily and sent a legal notice to Kangana.

Kangana replied with counter-notice and the war between the two became worse. However, everything had been quiet for the last few months.

But in two of her recent interviews, Kangana has raised the controversy once again. She also demanded a public apology from Hrithik saying that she had been humiliated and shamed.

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