Chennai's Elliot's beach has 2 new ramps for the disabled

To make public spaces more accessible for the disabled, the Greater Chennai Corporation is building two new ramps along the stretch of Elliot’s beach. The ramps that are already present are also being renovated.

So far, there were two ramps at both ends of the beach. This made it hard for the disabled to reach them as they had to wheel at least half a kilometer to reach. They also had to ask people to lift the wheelchair as the pavement is at least six to eight inches above the ground level.

Renovation work on one of the old ramps is already finished. A new ramp near the police booth is almost built, while work on another ramp between police booth and the church would be completed within two weeks.

Flares are being built on either sides of the ramps for safety. Most of the places in Chennai have ramps that are just plain concrete slopes, which leads to many accidents as there is high tendency to slip.

Prams will also be mounted on the pavement so that elderly people with disabilities can walk on it.

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