Disabled man in Jalandhar teaches poor kids for free

36-year-old Vivek Joshi, who was born with cerebral palsy, has multiple disabilities.

But he chooses to look beyond the limitations his condition imposes and teaches 50 poor students free of cost.

Joshi says he always motivates his students to never let any problem bring them down. He educates them for free in an open school in a park close to his house.

Joshi, who uses a wheelchair, also has extreme low vision and is able to use only one hand with much difficulty. He has degrees in law and business management and was recently given a national award.

One of his students is Sukhvinder Kaur, who used to work as a domestic help. She had dropped out of school in class 7 and was inspired to take up studies again by Joshi.

Joshi says he started educating poor children as he did not want anyone to be denied anything. The smiles on his students' faces gives him a lot of happiness.

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