Matchmaking app Inclov organizes India's first inclusive sports event

Inclov, the world’s first matchmaking app for the disabled, organized India’s first inclusive sports meet in Chennai.

The events held were boccia and wheelchair basketball, and the organizers aim to create a team to represent India at the Paralympics.

Inclov says it wants to promote sports as an inclusive platform, as well as promote sports like boccia and wheelchair basketball that are played at international levels.

After a brief introduction, participants lined up in their wheelchairs a game of boccia. Boccia is part of the Paralympic games, but there is still no team in India.

The game can be played with hands, and other assistive devices, such as pipes. The Ektha foundation has been promoting and training people in boccia in several districts of Tamil Nadu over a year.

After a few games of boccia, participants are trained in wheelchair basketball. The meetup also helps to bring together people in a place that would provide friends and contacts.

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