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How to have a comfortable air travel for passengers with disabilities

September 14, 2017

People with physical and mental disabilities have the right to travel by air for either enjoyment or business purposes like every other person.

However, many disabled people and their family members or friends go through stressful and frustrating experiences due to lack of disability awareness and required assistance to make air travel comfortable and smooth.

Here are some air travel tips that can help disabled passengers:

*The first thing to do is to plan your trip well in advance. Most of the airlines are ready to assist people with disabilities to fly, provided he or she is not of violent conduct or capable of posing a threat to the safety of other able-bodied passengers.

*For international flights, always book your travel through a travel agency or company that specializes in helping people with disabilities. Book flights well in advance and try to call the airline directly or visit the counter to make sure that all disability-related needs will be fulfilled. Also, ask for the name and position of each person you speak with and record the information for future reference.

*If possible, double-check all the arrangements your travel agent makes. Call the airlines, hotels, scooter, wheelchair, car, van rental companies, medical equipment rental companies, and check the facilities that have been made available for disabled travellers.

*Once you are assisted to board the aircraft, you can inform the flight attendants of any medical problem you may have on your flight. Also, check the location of the closest restroom before getting seated. Tell the flight attendant if you need help getting to it or face any other issues during the flight journey.

Have a happy and safe trip!

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