App-based ambulance service Dial4242 to launch wheelchair taxis

App-based ambulance service Dial4242 announced the addition of two new services - wheelchair taxi service and ambulances for pets.

For wheelchair-friendly vehicles, the company has partnered with Ezy Mov and users can now book vehicles via the Dial4242 app.

The services can be used for hospital transfers and medical appointments in addition to local and outstation leisure trips, airport transfers, and personal needs.

Pet owners in Mumbai can now get instant access to pet ambulances via Dial4242, which are equipped to handle emergency medical situations and can also be used by pet owners to take their pets for routine appointments.

The Dial4242 network currently has over 250 ambulances, which include basic, ICU, paediatric, and ambulances for transportation of the deceased under its network.

Under the new service categories, Dial4242 will have 15 pet ambulances and 15 wheelchair vehicles, and are available in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

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