Australia rejects visa application of Indian woman because her child has autism

A 50-year-old woman with severe intellectual disabilities faces deportation from Australia next month as her mother's visa application has been rejected.

80-year-old Florence Allen moved from India to Melbourne in 2012 with her daughter Sheryil who has autism.

They migrated soon after Mrs Allen's husband died, so her family could help care for Sheryil.

Mrs Allen qualifies for an Aged Parent visa, but her application has been rejected because she has a dependent child with a disability.

Florence and Sheryil Allen have been told they must now leave Australia by 3 October. The family is being separated just because Sheryil has a disability.

Mrs Allen says she will not be able to look after her daughter properly if she comes back to India.

The family had applied to the government for special consideration but that request has been rejected.

Australia's Department of Immigration has been in the news for rejecting the visa applications of people who have dependent children with disabilities.

Mrs Allen has another daughter, Jacqui Vanderholt, who has lived in Australia since 1991. She says the family does not plan to claim welfare for her mother or sister. She says her sister's care will be fully funded by the family.

Jacqui has now started an online petition to keep her mother and sister in Australia.

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