Violent babysitter leaves 2-year-old with brain damage, lifelong disability

A two-year-old girl in the United Kingdom is disabled for life after violent abuse by her babysitter.

The girl was so severely beaten that she has suffered injuries similar to a victim of a serious car crash.

The accused babysitter is a 34-year-old man called Nisar Ali who was taking care of the child for just 10 minutes at the request of her mother. When he was alone with the child, he beat and shook the youngster in a fit of violent rage and left without saying anything.

The child collapsed at home and was found to have suffered 30 injuries, including a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain.

An emergency surgery was done at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and part of her skull was removed to relieve pressure from her brain.

The child now has brain damage and will be disabled for the rest of her life.

Nisar Ali has two kids of his own and was found guilty by the court. He has been jailed for 14 years.

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