Alleged case of bullying in Noida school leads to loss of hearing in child

Parents from a school called Pathways in Noida near Delhi have come together to protest against an incident of alleged bullying that led to a child losing his hearing in one year.

According to reports, there was a slap bet placed between two boys related to a school experiment. The boy who lost the bet slapped the other child, Rajveer Bansal, so hard that he burst his eardrum leading him to partially lose his hearing.

The boy involved in the incident has been suspended and so have other kids who took videos of the slap instead of stepping in and preventing this incident.

After the slap, when the kids realized that the boy was hurt, they took him to the school medical room.

However, Rajveer's parents say that their child was not given any medical help and have demanded strong action against all the children who were present during the entire incident. They also want to know what steps the school plans to take to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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