Noida school suspends 3 students for slapping classmate & causing hearing loss

The Pathways School in Noida near Delhi has suspended three students for slapping another schoolboy and recording the incident on video.

The students not only took a video of the slap but also shared it among themselves. It later turned into a WhatsApp forward that also reached the parents.

The victim's mother says her son has suffered 25% hearing loss in the left ear after the slapping incident.

Pathways has suspended a 16-year-old student who slapped the boy after a complaint from the mother. Two others who filmed the incident have been suspended for two weeks.

Parents of the victim have lodged a complaint with the school management of bullying. The school, however, says it has done an investigation and found it to be a case of a slap-bet that was mutually agreed upon.

The victim's family has alleged that the boy was under a lot of stress and fear and he was traumatized.

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