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Bengaluru meetup to look at making public transport accessible for the disabled

September 22, 2017

The International Committee of Red Cross will organize the Enable Makeathon in Bengaluru to look at creating affordable assistive solutions for people with disabilities.

Startups, NGOs and other organisations will meet the disabled and try and understand the problems they face in their daily lives. Apart from India, there will be a event in London happening at the same time.

The makeathon will aim to solve issues of people with locomotor disabilities as well as those with visual and physical disabilities. It will also concentrate on gender-specific issues related to disabilities such as access of disabled women to toilets.

The idea is to make existing methods more effective, efficient, and easy. A simple change in existing designs or a mobile app could be looked at to solve the problems at hand.

This will be the second edition of the makeathon. The winners will be funded and guided by a network of experts.

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