Umoya Sports is helping disabled kids through sports & empathy

Umoya Sports, an organization based in Delhi, is building a culture of inclusion among the disabled through sports.

It is creating an atmosphere where physical disability will not be a barrier for someone to participate in sports.

Founded by Aditya KV, the organization is working with two NGOs in Gurugram and in Delhi by providing better opportunities to children with special needs.

Aditya, who had worked as an IT professional, says that the disabled are often not encouraged to take part in sports but sports is the one activity that would help in bringing a positive change.

Sports helps in building bonds of friendship and teaches life skills like teamwork. Aditya decided to take up sports as a mode of intervention and use it as a tool for development of special children.

The aim is to bring the joy of sports in the lives of children with special needs like Down Syndrome and autism.

Each child with a special need is assigned a buddy, who is someone without disabilities. They are paired to perform small sports activities. The buddy pairs perform like a team, coexisting in mutual harmony and helping each other complete a task.

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