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This sign language interpreter steals the show at Hurricane Irma news conference

September 23, 2017

During a Hurricane Irma press conference in Florida in United States, one person caught the attention of a celebrity who also added a little cheer to the stressful and serious situation.

During the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott's press briefing, many were focused not on what the head of the state was saying, but rather on the sign language interpreter who was on his job to give that message to the deaf people present in the conference.

The sign language interpreter got the message across with his facial expressions, which included bulging his eyes and sticking out his tongue, and what looked like jazz hands when he signed what the governor was saying to describe water that "flows in fast, very fast, then it flows out", says a report.

When the interpreter signs about more urgent and important things, he looked more animated and dramatic.

Sign language is a visual form of communication used by the deaf people. It includes gestures, body movements and facial expressions as grammar.

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