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VHAB app helps disabled kids overcome mobility challenges

An assistive technology-based application has been developed by Tata Consultancy Services to enable disabled kids overcome locomotive challenges.

Called VHAB, the application is aimed at children who have cerebral palsy and autism. It is related to improving their stability and balance.

1st such app for disabled kids, says TCS

The application combines user interface, sensors, and an analytical engine. With the help of gestures and leap motion sensors, the children's actions can be simulated on screen.

A personalized group of exercises has been created for various kinds of movements for hands, legs, palms and multiple limbs. These exercises are fun and interactive and monitor development.

App analyses kids' progress at every stage

The device makes it possible to view the scores and progress at each level, which will encourage children to attempt the exercises repeatedly. The scores achieved by the children can be used for analyzing the level of improvement.

The technology can also be customized to suit the needs of children with various problems. TCS worked closely with the children of the Adarsh Rehabilitation Centre in Kochi, Kerala, for this social innovation.

TCS provided the Rs 70-lakh technology for free to the Kochi centre. The team is working on the second phase of the device.

In the second version, there will be more exercises for the hands and legs, as well as exercises for the improving of the movement of fingers.

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