3 in 10 drivers in Delhi are colour blind, shows study

Three in every 10 drivers in Delhi have been found to have poor far sight vision, which means they are unable to see in detail at a distance, while half of the drivers surveyed had poor near vision.

The study has been done by the Central Road Research Institute and covered 627 private cars, taxis, trucks and bus drivers.

The study also shows that 19% of them were severely colour blind, while another 23% had mild colour blindness. About 29% of the drivers surveyed also said that they drive for more than 10 hours a day, which is against the law.

Colour blindness is the inability to perceive differences between some or all colours. It affects the ability to drive at night when visibility is reduced to a great extent.

Similar studies will be carried out in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The study found that 6% of drivers having poor near visual sharpness of vision were involved in accidents.

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