Rahul Gandhi says he is ready to become India's PM, accuses Modi of trying to harm image

Rahul Gandhi, who is on a two-week tour of the United States, said at a college gathering that he is open to being the Congress's Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2019 national election.

Gandhi admitted that the Congress Party had become a little arrogant and took responsibility for the losses of the last few years.

He accused the ruling BJP of creating hatred, anger, violence and division. He said that the killing of people for eating beef had isolating many sections in society.

He also attacked the government over last year's notes ban, saying demonetization had taken away 2% from the growth of the Indian economy. He said that this has damaged agriculture and caused distress among farmers.

Gandhi admitted that PM Modi communicated better than he did and praised the Make In India and Swachh Bharat initiatives. But he also said that Modi controls an online machine of over a thousand people whose purpose is to destroy Gandhi's credibility.

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