Bengaluru engineer arrested for raping colleague, uploading act on site

Arindam, a 28-year-old software engineer living in Bengaluru, has been arrested by the police for allegedly raping his woman colleague, video-graphing the incident and uploading it on a porn site.

The colleague has said that Arindam said he loved her and invited her to his Ejipura flat last year where he raped her.

He then told the 26-year-old woman that he had taken a video of the incident and apparently blackmailed her by threatening to upload the video on porn sites, if she did not visit him.

The woman says she was left with no option, and gave in. She said that Arindam raped her many times and demanded money, which she refused.

She stopped giving in to his demands and Arindam uploaded the video on a porn site.

According to the police report, she attempted to commit suicide, after which her friend convinced her to seek help from the police.

Arindam has been placed in custody.

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