Expiry date of some household things!

Everything has an expiry date but most times we are not aware of it and continue to use them. Here is some information about the expiry date of some common things used at home.

  1. We all use towels on daily basis and reuse them after washing. However, towels need to be disposed of after one or three years depending on their quality.
  2. Slippers worn at home should be thrown out after six months. Slippers should be washed properly every day and be changed every six months!
  3. Bath sponge or loofah should be changed regularly as they may breed fungus and mold. It is advisable to change them in two weeks.
  4. Running shoes should only be used for one year and then changed.
  5. Pillows used at homes should be cleaned regularly and changed after two to three years.
  6. Hairbrush should be cleaned at least once a week and changed after a continuous use of one year. Old and unclean Hairbrush can create health issues for scalp and hair.

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