Chennai to get its first park for disabled kids

Kilikili, a trust, formed by parents of children with special needs, aims to make play areas accessible to all children, regardless of their disabilities.

It is coming together with the Greater Chennai Corporation to build a special park that will be used by all children with and without disabilities.

The wheelchair-friendly park will cost Rs 1.3 crore to build. Among other play equipment, it will have apparatus that will stimulate the sensory development of children.

The park would be open to all youngsters so all children will interact with each other. Making play inclusive is what the organisation wishes to do.

Kilikili has set up three such parks in Bengaluru with help from the Bengaluru municipal authorities. They are located in Basavangudi, Coles Park and Rajajinagar.

Bengaluru is said to have the highest number of disabled friendly parks in the country.

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