If your child doesn't enjoy going to school, you must read THIS

Parenting is a difficult job and it becomes more tough for parents having school going children.

It is important to understand that a child will not be always happy at school due to different reasons such as academic pressures, friendship problems, unable to adjust with different subject teachers and others.

So, make sure to remember that a child will not open up on their own on how they feel about their school. Here are some signs that will help you to know your child is not happy at school.

*Constantly crying and complaining about going to school

*Fear of going back to school after a break or school holidays

*Not interested to do or complete homework

*Hesitant to talk about the teacher, students, or anything related to school

*Not behaving properly at school and home

*Poor marks in exams

*Talks less and spends less time with friends and family

*Have trouble sleeping or sleeps more than usual

*Eats less than usual or overeats

If you find the above signs in your child, then it is time to talk to your child and find out what is worrying him. Make sure to help your child know that you are there to support him or her and come to a solution together.

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