Know here what is Kangana Ranaut’s Simran movie all about

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's new film 'Simran' is a comedy drama movie directed by Hansal Mehta. The film also features Mark Justice, Sohum Shah, Catherine Dyer, Evette Young, Jeff Rose.

Simran movie's story is of an NRI Gujarati divorcee and an independent woman named Praful Patel (played by Kangana Ranaut) who also suffers from the serious problem of kleptomania. Kleptomania is the inability to stop oneself from stealing items and is usually done for reasons other than personal use or financial benefit.

Kangana as Praful tries to find herself and meets many people through the film. She develops a liking for gambling; and tries to achieve control over her life, without any restriction.

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