Paralympian Deepa Malik slams news article for calling her 'wheelchair-bound'

Deepa Malik is famous for becoming the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Rio Paralympics last year. She is also an Arjuna Award winner from 2012 and was given the Padma Shri.

She recently celebrated the first anniversary of winning her Rio medal and tweeted to Shivraj Chouhan, who is the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, reminding him of his promise to reward her Rs 40 lakh for bringing glory to India.

A news website published the story regarding Malik's tweet, and referred to her as a 'wheelchair bound athlete.'

Malik responded by saying - 'Please do not use the term wheelchair bound as it defeats my journey of ability beyond disability. My chair is my driving force not boundary.'

Her response received a lot of positive feedback on social media, with people showing respect to her.

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