Amputee grandmom on skateboards raises money for cancer

Life has not been easy for Kath Kilcullen.

She was diagnosed with Lupus in 1993 and went through many painful surgeries. She had 40 operations on one knee alone.

In 2006, she developed a rare form of cancer. The cancer spread, and over the next few years, doctors had to amputate both her legs.

She has suffered years of difficult cancer treatments to fight the disease. At one point, she was told that she had just months to live.

Then two years ago, she was hit by a car and her right hand was permanently damaged. This was a shock as she had been using her right arm to help her get around in her wheelchair.

But Kath, who is 58 years old, has a never-say-die spirit. Her four kids and 12 grandchildren keep her going.

She is now determined to help others and raise money to fight cancer. She stays active and has an adapted skateboard that she uses regularly in her local skate park.

This weekend, she is raising money for a run for cancer in Montreal in Canada. She says she is nervous about the race, but she will not miss it as she wants to show people that she can still do so much and give back to society.

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