Rise in number of foreign adoptions of special needs children from Karnataka

Last year, 19 children from Karnataka were adopted by people from other countries. Of these, 11 were kids with special needs.

Government officials call this a welcome trend as disabled children are often the first choice of those looking to adopt.

This includes children with physical disabilities, vision problems or cleft palate. Experts said that families do extensive research on the treatments for any such disability even before the adoption formalities are completed.

Of the 19 children who were adopted, 12 were girls. The maximum number of adoptive parents were from the United States and the rest were from Europe.

But while this is a positive move, children with disabilities in need of a family do not find a home easily, especially among families in India.

Experts hope that this will change soon. Only nine children with special needs were adopted by people living in India from among the 11 adopted from Karnataka.

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