Cool tips to make your traditional look more fashionable this Durga Puja

During the festival of Durga Puja, women like to dress in their best attire. Some women follow the dress code while some like to simply wear new clothes.

Here are some fashion tips to make your traditional look even more attractive this festive season.

Make sure to buy bright color clothes while shopping for your Navratri or Durga Puja attire.

Go for a traditional look like keep your ghagra-cholis ready for the Garba-Dandiya nights. It is okay to ditch your western clothes for some days.

Apply some light make-up while you dress up to look in sync with the bright, colorful festival.

Buy some cool jewellery which will match with your outfit like silver or black metal earrings or go with anything you like.

Use the festive time to pray to the mother Goddess Durga as she listens to those people who believe and respect her from the heart.

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