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These eyeglasses help the deaf see sounds around them

The deaf find it hard to move around without sound cues. Sudden noises alert people to things happening in a certain direction, and react faster.

Now a set of eyeglasses can help them do that. This is thanks to a light accessory called Peri that can be clipped onto existing glasses.

They have been designed by a group of students at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The design won them a national level award.

The accessory includes four microphones that are to be attached at the corners of the eyeglasses. They can be tuned for sensitivity to noise volume. The lights will correspond with the direction that the loudest noise comes from.

The team is building a better version that could also include light sensors. There are over 300 million people in the world suffering from disabling hearing loss. An idea like the Peri glasses could improve many lives.

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