He fought disability to get a medical degree, but denied government job for being colour blind

In March this year, the Supreme Court set up an expert committee to identify what streams medical students who are colour blind can pursue without their physical disability coming in the way.

Despite this, a case of discrimination has been uncovered in the Government Medical College Hospital at Akola in Maharashtra.

The college wants to terminate the services of its assistant professor in the microbiology department, Dr. Abhishek S. Goenka, because he is colour blind.

Dr Goenka is truly remarkable because he has become a doctor despite suffering from muscular dystrophy. He is 47% disabled. But instead of supporting him, hospital authorities have decided to end his service because he has been detected with partial visual impairment.

This hospital's approach violates the Supreme Court's position against excluding colour blind students from medical study. The court said that colour blind students were allowed to study several medical courses in many other countries, and so the rules in India have to be reviewed.

This incident has come less than two months after the Medical Council of India decided to end the discrimination after the recommendation from the Supreme Court-appointed committee of doctors to lift the bar on people with colour vision deficiency.

Goenka has asked why he is being targeted now when a medical exam at the time of his joining had shown that he had colour blindness. He is the only earning member of his family as his father too has muscular dystrophy.

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