Are you trying to quit smoking? Here is some help!

We all know that smoking is bad for health and most of us want to get rid of the habit. However, the habit is not so easy to change and creates a lot of pressure on the smokers. Here are a few ways to quit smoking without medicines.

  1. Create a list about the harm caused by smoking and why you need to stop smoking.
  2. Fix a day when you want to quit and tell people around you about it. This will help you set a deadline and get help from others.
  3. Remove stuff like lighters, packets of cigarettes and other accessories that can remind you about smoking.
  4. Avoid the friends or activities that cause you to smoke.
  5. When you feel like smoking take a long shower to relax yourself and get distracted.
  6. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins like fresh veggies and fruits as they help feel calm and repair lung damage.
  7. Get busy in activities that cause sweating as that helps release toxins from the body.
  8. Lime juice has been found to be effective in treating nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Keep sipping on lime juice all day.
  9. With the money you saved from not smoking, get something nice to reward and motivate yourself.

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