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Meet the woman behind a mobile school for the blind in Kerala

December 1, 2017

Jyothirgamaya Foundation is a revolutionary effort in Kerala that aims to empower the blind and visually impaired people in all areas of life.

Founded by a blind woman Tiffany Brar, Jyothirgamaya seeks to help the blind lead independent lives and also tries to change the attitudes of the society towards the blind people.

Tiffany is the receiver of the Kerala State disability Award, Rotary International For the sake of honor Award and Bold and Beautiful award from Doordarshan. She is a graduate of English literature and has a teacher's training degree in special education (visual impairment), from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University.

The daughter of an army officer, Tiffany has traveled and studied in different parts of India throughout her life. She is fluent in five languages- English, Malayalam, Tamil, Nepali and Hindi.

Many blind people in Kerala are unable to move around without help due to inaccessible roads, lack of awareness, poverty and carelessness on the part of parents and guardians.

Taking this into account, Jyothirgamaya has started a need-based individual training to the blind people at their places of residence.

The mobile blind school is a unique way to teach different skills as per the needs of the visually impaired individuals.

Other activities of the foundation include adapted physical education, blind yoga, communicative English training, employability training, legal help and various camps.

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