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How to parent a child with multiple disabilities

September 26, 2017

When you have a child with multiple disabilities, all the information you are provided with can be both a blessing as well as a burden.

You can get the right information from the doctors or medical professionals and get assistance for your disabled child, but at the same time you may find your family members and relatives thinking and worrying about the child's future.

Here are some important tips of advice for parents of children with multiple disabilities.

Support your disabled child as long as is needed and then teach the child to speak up for themselves and make their own decisions.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to explain your disabled child why he or she is special and how to be confident without being arrogant.

If the child has difficulty in communicating, help him or her to try being open and honest with loved ones first and then move on to other authority figures.

Praise your disabled child's thinking, ideas and efforts. It is important to show your child that you believe in him or her as it plays a huge role in their success or failure.

Appreciate the child's progress, no matter how small it looks. This will help improve the child's self-esteem.

Live in the present moment and don't let the uncertainty of the future create problems in your present life.

Accept how life is going on and understand that emotional problems are only temporary. This acceptance will help you to think more positively, which will influence all your actions for the better.

Believe that you are a great parent and you are making a difference by loving your child for who she or he is. Even if your child doesn't know or cannot express his or her love, he or she still notices all that you do.

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