Former Hyderabad engineer helps build leadership skills among blind children

Raghunandan Vadla, a software professional and motivational speaker in Hyderabad, aims to help blind children become confident so that they can chase their dreams.

For the past two years, 32-year-old Vadla has worked with more than 200 students of Devnar School For The Blind, and helped develop their leadership skills.

Vadla says that the children are very talented and that offering them sympathy demotivates them. Instead, he believes that interacting with them like with other children will make them feel that they are no different.

He has three-hour sessions a week that focus on personality and leadership development. He has courses that help the children improve their speaking skills and help them develop the ability to work hard and keep trying.

The students call him Raghu bhaiya and say that after attending his sessions, they are able to express their thoughts clearly. Many now take part in inter-school debate competitions as well.

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