Today is World Deaf Day

World Day of Deaf is celebrated to spread awareness to common people, politicians and development authorities towards the achievements and challenges of the deaf community.

This year’s theme of World Deaf Day is ‘Full inclusion with sign language’.

Full social inclusion of the deaf people is possible when sign language is recognized and used widely within the society.

Deaf children need access to sign language from their birth. Sign language allows deaf children to have full communication with people, improve their thinking and social skills.

Sign language is an equal language, which can help to express thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Deaf children should be provided quality bilingual education in a sign language environment.

Sign language is the natural language of the deaf people to communicate with each other.

Deaf people need to have equal access of participation in the personal, public and political areas like everyone.

Deaf people need access to public information and services like health care, employment, social welfare and other services through sign language interpreting, subtitling and close captions.

Deaf people can do any job in accessible work environments and by provision of sign language interpretation.

Access to education, professional training and development is important for deaf people to gain and keep a job and lead an independent life.