Help the National Association for the Blind fund this annual trip for its students!

The National Association for the Blind takes all its students for an annual excursion. This has been a practice since 2015.

The NAB has a hostel facility for 161 blind students. Every year, about 30 students between the ages of 14 to 18 years are taken on a trip.

This year, the NAB has started a fundraiser on to raise money for the trip. Since all the funds the NAB gets is for the many projects they run, they do not have enough funds for this excursion.

The trip makes a huge difference as taking students into a new environment gives them the experience of traveling in a group. It also opens their horizons and teaches them to appreciate, understand and respect the places and their customs.

It also helps develop their mobility skills and builds confidence. And it is a rare opportunity to step out of their usual surroundings and have some FUN.

The NAB has asked people to donate towards the trip so they do not miss out on the fun and experience. Click on the link below and help make a difference!

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