Soon there will be more girls than boys studying in India

India will soon achieve an important step. Half of its student population will be made up of girls.

There has been a massive rise in the number of girls enrolled in schools, colleges and universities over the past years. From a small 25% in 1950-51, the share of girl students reached 42% in 2000. Since then, girls are at 50% of the total number of students.

Studies show that girls also take their studies more seriously and finish their academic programs. So more girls get degrees than boys.

This places India in the list of the most advanced countries like the United States and China. But unlike India, women in these countries enjoy higher status.

They hold more jobs and have higher positions in politics and government. But in India, there is a mismatch between women's education and their status in life.

This shows how there is such a terrible waste of educated talent and a situation where women have to play a secondary role despite their abilities.

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