Supreme Court orders admission of 2 colour blind students into MBBS course

The Supreme Court has ordered that two colour-blind students be admitted for an MBBS course, helping to make their dream come true.

The two students had scored high marks in the entrance examination and will be able to pursue the program from the next academic year.

In doing so, the Supreme Court invoked its special powers under Article 142 of the Constitution. It said that the peculiar facts and circumstances of the case required it to exercise such special powers.

The students scored high marks in the entrance examination conducted by the Tripura government in 2015.

But various colleges and the Medical Council of India have been denying admissions to candidates suffering from Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD), known as colour blindness.

Both MCI and the Tripura Medical College had objected to their admission into the MBBS course as they were colour blind even though they qualified in the entrance examination.

The court had also set up an expert committee to find out whether colour blindness affected the chances of students aspiring to become doctors. The expert committee said that this did not have any impact and as per current global practices, there was no policy of preventing students from studying medicine based on colour vision deficiency.

It said that CVD was common problem and does not impact a person’s ability to become a doctor.

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