Campaign for making Indian currency accessible

A campaign has been started on the social media to make the Indian currency accessible as the blind people are not able to differentiate between various note values. It has been found that people with visual impairment are facing a daily challenge while using Rs 500 note and Rs 20 note. Here is the information for supporting the campaign:

  1. Click on the Accessible Indian Campaign Facebook page. Like the post in the page and Share it on your Facebook profile. Remember to make the post public. Also, like the page to get future updates on this. Finance Minister, RBI, Prime Minister and a few other relevant authorities have already been tagged to make it very simple.

  2. Click on the petition and sign the petition by sharing your email id.

  3. Click on the twitter page and retweet. You may directly tweet to the authorities by picking the twitter handles on the page if you wish. Ignore if you do not have a twitter account.

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