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Reasons to hire deaf people

October 17, 2017

Very few deaf people are hired as employees due to the lack of open mindedness of employers. While hiring a worker their skills get overshadowed by their disability. Here are some reasons that make deaf workers as hirable as any other person.

  1. Deaf people are more adaptable to the environment and can fit well in any place. Deaf workers are patient and can work calmly even in while facing a challenge.
  2. They are not affected by cultural or communication differences and can use this as a strong problem solving and interpersonal skills.
  3. Due to their life and experiences, deaf workers bring a new perspective to the team. They can come with fresh ideas.
  4. Workers with disabilities are viewed as dependable, loyal, and responsible as per research. They are also more positive and hardworking.
  5. Deaf workers can create a more open minded workplace and promote the feeling of acceptance and respect.

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