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Deaf movie review of Chef

November 7, 2017

A hearing perspective:

Chef movie is a Hindi drama film starring Saif Ali Khan (as Roshan Kalra), Padmapriya Janakiraman (as Radha Menon) and Svar Kamble (Armaan) in important roles.

The film is directed by Raja Krishna Menon and is an official remake of American film Chef.

Chef movie is a unique story of Roshan Kalra's journey of rediscovering his relationship with his son and at the same time, also finding his real sources of happiness.

Roshan is a three-star Michelin chef, who works at a Gulli restaurant in New York.

When a customer criticizes Roshan's dish, he loses his temper and punches the customer.

Roshan gets jailed immediately but comes out on bail with the help of his boss, who suggests him to take a break from work.

Roshan, however, removes his life's frustrations on his team and gets fired from his job.

He then decides to go to Kochi in India to spend some time with his son Armaan, who lives with his ex-wife Radha.

The way Roshan manages to patch up with his family - wife, son and father and also start a new professional life with a food truck business forms the main part of the story.

Chef film is a sweet family entertainer packed with simple acting performances, good direction, amazing picturization of unique locations of Kerala, lovely music and feel-good background score. This tasteful ride connecting love and food definitely won't disappoint your expectations.

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